The night Turkey changed forever

Supporters of President Erdogan in Kizilay square the day after the failed coup with Turkish and Ottoman flags.
Supporters of President Erdoğan flashing the “rabia” sign march under a giant Turkish flag in Kizilay square where they have clashed with rogue tanks and soldiers during the coup attempt the night before.
A young man marches in Kizilay square doing the Turkish Nationalists’ “wolf salute.”
Women wearing çarşaf, the Turkish version of Islamic abaya, in a march supporting President Erdoğan the day after the failed coup attempt. One of them is wearing a Turkish flag over her çarşaf.
A placard on a taxi wrecked by a tank in Kizilay Square reads “The Pope from Pennsylvania will not defeat Islam,” in a derogatory reference to Fethullah Gülen, accused of being the mastermind behind the coup attempt.
A young man with a headband reading “Father we follow your steps” and the signature of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk march to support President Erdoğan in Kizilay square the day after the failed coup.
Young men with Turkish and Ottoman flags march to support President Erdoğan in Kizilay square the day after the failed coup.
Marks left by a coupist tank’s tracks unable to cross Atatürk Boulevard in front of the Parliament.
Two heavily armed policemen in the ruins of a guard post outside the bombed headquarter of National Security Directorate.
An explosion crater, possibly by a helicopter rocket, near a building of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Turkish Parliament, after the failed coup attempt.
The main Parliament building after it was bombed near the Prime Minister’s office on the night of the coup attempt.
One of the Parliament’s main building doors smashed from the inside by the aerial bombing explosion with marks of bullets and shrapnel.
The exiled Islamic cleric Fethullah Gülen, accused of masterminding the failed coup, is hanged in effigy on Kizilay square, renamed “July 15th Martyrs and National Will square”.
Supporters of President Erdoğan came to Ankara from other cities to take part in post-coup “Democracy Rallies” rest in Güven Park, on the main Kizilay square. One of the tents is marked “Yozgat,” an Anatolian city and conservative stronghold 180 km from Ankara.



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Piero Castellano

Piero Castellano

Photojournalist and writer, traveler, biker, based in Genoa, Italy.